Our story

Our story began when we saw decorations made of Island moss on foreign websites and were absolutely impressed by this wonderful and natural material. We were wondering if we can find it in Hungary and if we do so, for what price. Unfortunately, the price we found was extremely high, but we still wanted it in our home, so we kept looking. We realized that not only the sight of it, but also creating moss decoration is a very cool thing! We found the best quality materials we could get from the moss’s habitat, and we learned the technique of making moss wall. We realized that not only the sight of it, but also the creation of the decoration is a very cool thing!

Rólunk - Történetünk
Rólunk - Üzletpolitikánk

Our business policy

When it comes to products made of Island moss, the main point of our business policy is to make a good deal for everyone. We like it when our customers are 100% satisfied and we are providing you the best value for money. Look around our site, check out our image and product gallery, and the reference works that we keep uploading to the site. The only limit is our imagination when it comes to decorations made from Iceland moss.

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Creative Homes, Island moss team